Women's Sexualities

   By: Dr Carol Rinkleib Ellison

Generations of Women Share Intimate Secrets of Sexual Self-Acceptance


S. These Final Questions look at Your Sexual life Over Time.

1. In my life, my sexual satisfaction has been/was at its peak
    between ages____________ and _______________years.

2. Looking back, I have at some time had a problem in my sexual life due to the following
   (check all that apply):

Inadequate sex education  

Inadequate knowledge of my body and sexual feelings  
Inadequate information about the how-to of sex  

Inadequate knowledge of the physical consequences of sex

Inadequate knowledge of the emotional consequences of sex  
Inadequate information about birth control  
Inadequate availability of birth control  
None of the above  


3. Looking back over my entire life, I regret the following about my sexual life:
   (check all that apply):

I got into sex when I was too young.  
I had sex with partners I should have turned down.  
I did not have sex with someone with whom I wish I had  
I had sex without protection against pregnancy  
I had sex without protection against disease  
I was too often not assertive enough about my needs  
I was too inhibited  
I was celibate for too long  
I did not take more time to be celibate  
I married the wrong person because of sex  
I stayed too long in relationship with the wrong partner  
Other (please specify)  
None of the above  


4. Looking back, the most significant sources for me of sex information in each of the two following  
   categories have been:
   (check answers in each column):

Helpful or Useful
Misleading or Harmful
Same age friend(s)    
Older friend(s)    
Sexual partner(s)    
Sex education book(s)    
Fiction books (novels, romances, etc.)    
Media (TV, movies, magazines, etc.)    
Course(s) in school or college    
Erotic or pornographic material(s)    
Religious teachings    
Health practitioner(s)/therapist(s)    


5. Looking back, I believe the information I got from the parent(s) or parent figure(s) who raised me
    prepared me to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life.


   Strongly Disagree                               Strongly Agree                                 N/A
 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  0




6. Compared to how I was during the year after I became sexually active for the first time ever with a
    partner (in a genital way, whether or not intercourse was included), I have changed in sex in the
    following ways:(check the column that best indicates how you have changed).
    If your first-ever genital contact with a partner occurred less than a year ago, circle 0 and skip to 
    question 7. 


I now:

Desire sex More Less Same
Get aroused easily      
Express my sexual needs      
Am inhibited      
Have erotic thoughts      
Orgasm easily      
Am sexually satisfied      
Have fun      
Engage in casual sex      
Am comfortable with sex      
Focus on my partner's satisfaction      
Focus on my own satisfaction      


7. On the whole, I have been satisfied with my sexual life.


   Strongly Disagree                                Strongly Agree                                N/A
 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  0



Thank You!
This is the end of the Questionnaire.

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