Women's Sexualities

   By: Dr Carol Rinkleib Ellison

Generations of Women Share Intimate Secrets of Sexual Self-Acceptance

I. This Section Is About Factors Affecting
Your Sexual Satisfaction Within A Relationship.

If you have never had satisfying sex with a partner within an ongoing relationship,
please circle 0 and skip to the next section, Section J.



If you have ever had satisfying sex with a partner within an ongoing relationship, please consider the most recent period in your life when you had satisfying sex in a relationship:

1 a. In this period of my life in this relationship, the following were usually or always present in my most satisfying sexual experiences with my partner (Check all that apply.)

Before Sex

Feeling close to my partner before sex


Arguing before having sex


Having an alcoholic drink before sex


Using marijuana or another recreational drug before (or during) sex



Partner and Situation

Feeling loved


Feeling safe in the relationships


Knowing we could take as much time as we wanted


Knowing there was no risk of getting or transmitting a disease


Knowing there was no risk of getting pregnant 0


Being aware that I might become pregnant


Knowing my partner would give me the physical stimulation I needed



Behaviors and Feelings During Sex

Talking with my partner during sex about what we were doing


Talking about or acting out a shared drama or fantasy 0000


Focusing on a stimulating fantasy of my own 0000


Feeling really attuned with my partner during sex 0000


No pressure from my partner for me to have an orgasm 000


No pressure from myself to have an orgasm


Being aware that I might become pregnant


My partner was accepting of my desires, preferences and responses 0


My partner got and maintained an erection 0


My partner did not ejaculate quickly




Extended stimulation of other kinds before intercourse


Breast stimulation


Manual stimulation of my genitals


Oral stimulation of my genitals 00


Using a vibrator


Using a dildo 00


Anal stimulation


Having intercourse


Steady, reliable stimulation that continued through orgasm



One or more orgasms


Simultaneous orgasm with my partner 000


Knowing that I gave my partner a wonderful experience


Emotional closeness after sexual activity



Other (please specify)

1b. In the period of my life I have been considering for this question I was in my:










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